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With a vast and formidable selection of RTV silicones in both Addition Cure and Condensation Cure, we also have a number of additives that you might need with your silicone of choice.

When you think silicone additives, there are many choices you might require - such as using silicone pigments to achieve the colours you are trying to create. Or if you are moulding something vertically and require a thickening agent to stop the silicone from slumping (term used when the silicone is falling away through weight and gravity), we have these available for both addition cure and condensation cure RTV silicones.

Along with these options we offer retarders for slowing silicones down, as well as platinum accelerators for increasing the working and de-moulding times. We also offer a product called Platsil Gel 25 Part H if you want to increase the Shore hardness of a silicone from its natural hardness (selective to certain silicones).

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Thixotropic Catalyst
From: £4.86
£5.83 inc. VAT
Platsil Accelerator
£155.52 inc. VAT
PlatSil Gel 25 Part H Hardener
From: £13.30
£15.96 inc. VAT
PlatSil Retarder
From: £6.45
£7.74 inc. VAT
From: £5.99
£7.19 inc. VAT
Pro-gel Softener
From: £15.75
£18.90 inc. VAT
Silicone Fluid
From: £17.40
£20.88 inc. VAT
Tinsil Fast Catalyst
From: £8.00
£9.60 inc. VAT
£27.36 inc. VAT