Mouldlife’s Top 3 Favourite SFX Books

Mouldlife’s Top 3 Favourite SFX Books

The internet is of course the quickest route to exploring all questions you may have. But nothing quite beats flicking through pages and pages of knowledge which masters of the makeup special effects industry perfected for us to absorb.

For us, there’s no substitute for these reads. Here are some our must have books for you, to get through college, uni, your workplace or just out of pure interest!





Special Make-up Effects for Stage & Screen

With 4 editions to choose from, at least one must take first place on your book shelf. 



Todd Debreceni, Special Makeup Effects Designer, Artist and Educator has expertly produced 4 makeup bibles for students, tutors and professionals. Covering up-to-date industry techniques and materials, Todd displays greatly in depth explanations, illustrations and action shots for all chapters, covering the entire process; from design to application and everything in between. The 4th edition is now available where you can find special features from world renowned artists on their journey, tips and tricks.

Don’t panic, lifecasting, hair work and animatronics also included!

Prosthetics Magazine

A series of magazines, Prosthetics is the one you will want to collect! Published triannually, the magazine is by internationally acclaimed makeup FX designer, artist and educator Neill Gorton

It’s the one and only series of magazines for practitioners of all fields, prosthetics, special hair and makeup effects, animatronics, face and body art.

With a different narrative for each magazine, there’s an issue for every artist. We’re taken behind the scenes with the prosthetics or animatronics team, and get to study every aspect of global practitioners careers, processes, favourite materials and anything else technical we would want to know! Step by step guides and interviews for you to refer to time and time again.


Dick Smith's Do-It-Yourself Monster Make-Up Handbook

By the Godfather of special effects makeup himself, Dick Smith taught the leading professionals we know and love today. Here’s Rick Baker on the most recent version of Monster Makeup.



With step by step tutorials on monster make up specifically, it’s your own journey on a path Dick Smith, the master himself took.

Bearing in mind these tutorials are from the years Dick Smith was in the midst of his career and processes are super outdated! We’ve advanced massively but we can still appreciate what and who built our industry.

A captivating addition to your library of SFX books – a must read for those with an appreciation for the industry and its evolution.