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Bondo Transfers

Bondo transfers, also known as Prosthetics transfers or even 3D Transfers, are an acrylic based material that when scrapped into addition cure flat plate mould allows you to transfer it directly to skin. This can be a cut, scar, wound or even swallow eye bags, it's completely limitless and incredibly easy to use. Though naturally you must wait until it is fully cured to do this (24hrs is the recommendation). With P.T.M some people freeze it or use dehumidifiers to speed up this process.

Bondo transfers are easy to apply self-blending and most importantly, there is no need for any glues or messy adhesives. Another great way to apply these and offer better edges is to encapsulate them in the same way as you would do with a prosthetic silicone piece. This way you will attain even better edges for blending away later, though if you do it this way then we do recommend you use Pro-cap plastic or Baldiez to encapsulate and an adhesive such as Snappy G or Telesis 8.

When painting them, you can use any number of alcohol palettes in the Skin Illustrator range with their activators. Sometimes they do look slightly shiny but just apply HI-DEF MATTING by PPI that will neutralise this effect and allow you to start the painting process.

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