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Castable Polyurethane Elastomers

Castable polyurethane elastomers are ideal for replicating synthetic and natural rubbers and other elastic materials in the manufacture of a wide range of applications, such as casting decorative objects, sculptural reproductions, duplicate production parts, and tools and models.

Mouldlife supplies the Polytek® range of PT Flex materials which are designed primarily for ease of use, with 1:1 mix ratios and low viscosity, but also with practicality in mind - they are fast-setting and can be demoulded rapidly. However, the performance characteristics make them potentially an ideal choice for more demanding applications where some degree of functionality is required.

PT Flex materials have been shown to work exceptionally well over many years with a range of mould-making materials, such as Mouldlife’s silicone mould-making and composite tooling systems as well as conventional metal tools.

PT Flex materials are complemented by our extensive range of additives including extending fillerspigments and mould release agents.

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