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Chavant Clay

As the original suppliers of SFX materials, we are proud to offer a range of Chavant clays fit for your sculpting requirements. Chavant clay is used throughout a vast span of industries, and in many different and wonderful ways.

Each type of Chavant Fine Art Sculpting Clay, also known as Plasteline, is suitable for all educational levels and professional sculptors in the Fine Arts, Special Effects, and Product Design industries. Chavant modeling clays meet requirements for detail retention and surface development.

Projects may include sculpting fine details of SFX burns onto a plaster for Moulding & Casting to automotive designs or from jewellery design to creating children’s toys.Chavant clays are oil / wax based and do not permanently harden. As they are sulphur-free, they can also be used with platinum (addition cured) silicones.

The clays are not meant to be fired and when working with these clay bodies a sculptor is not working on the final project. The finished clay will have some sort of mould taken (Silicone or Polyurethane) from the clay’s surface and some other permanent material is cast out of the mould.

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Chavant Alien Clay Grey
£39.60 (inc. VAT)
Chavant Alien Clay Refills
£26.40 (inc. VAT)
Chavant Clay  - NSP Hard
£10.56 (inc. VAT)
Chavant Clay NSP Medium
£10.56 (inc. VAT)
Chavant Hard Green
£10.56 (inc. VAT)
Chavant Monu-Melt
£10.56 (inc. VAT)
NSP Chavant Soft Green
£10.56 (inc. VAT)