College & University

SFX Makeup Kits

At Mouldlife | PS Composites, our aim is to offer the best College and University SFX makeup kits. Whether your students are in their 1st, 2nd or final year, we can provide bespoke SFX makeup kits for your College or University so it is tailored to the course you are teaching.

We know how expensive student life can be, so we always try to be the most competitive in the market with the best and very latest brands being used in the industry. In addition, we would like to offer Colleges and Universities an exceptional deal - when you buy your SFX makeup kits through us, we will come to visit your campus once a year with a SFX makeup artist. This is completely free of charge training for an entire day with plenty of demos! Now that’s a deal …Fill in the form below to find out more.