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As a global leader in market-leading silicones, we are very privileged to offer the innovative Elkem range of moulding silicones. With renowned and second to none tear strengths and mechanical properties, the Elkem Silicone range has everything you could want in your moulding silicone.

We offer platinum cures (addition cure) range with brand names many would be familiar with. This includes the 3040, which is a translucent 40 Shore A hardness in both a 10-1 mix ratio and also a 1-1 mix ratio which are ideal for box moulding in any market and highly sought after in the rapid prototyping and film industry. Another fantastic Elkem silicone is the food grade 3428 with variable speed catalysts for use and fully safe for food (FDA approved).

Please take care when using platinum cured silicones (addition cure) as inhibition can take place if contamination is found. We advise all mixing tools are clean and constructed in materials which do not interfere with the curing process. The cure of the rubber can be inhibited (become tacky)  by the presence of compounds of nitrogen, sulphur, phosphorus; organotin catalysts and PVC stabilisers, epoxy resin catalysts and even contact with materials containing certain substances e.g. moulding clays, sulphur vulcanised rubbers, condensation cure silicone rubbers.

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