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Mouldlife | PS supplies the globally recognised Araldite® range of Epoxy adhesives with a legacy that is unparalleled in their field.

Araldite® Epoxy adhesives can provide exceptional bonding solutions for the most demanding applications, including those in the aerospace, marine, automotive, power-generation, prototyping, modelling and model-making industries.

Selection of adhesive type and determining the most appropriate technique for dispensing / applying the adhesive is crucial for successful bonding, and Mouldlife | PS has extensive experience in providing support and advice. To this end, we sell adhesives ancillaries such as dispensing guns and static mixing nozzles.

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Milliput Black 113.4g

Black Milliput was introduced in response to user demand and can be used for Repairs to antique clocks, Guttering, Ebonised wood, Marble, Slate, Cast iron, Basalt ceramics and black plastic parts in cars (such as bumpers, small handles, buttons and knobs).

£3.12 (inc. VAT)
Milliput Silver/Grey 113.4g

Silver Grey was introduced as a slightly finer filler and is widely used for model making, sculpting, taxidermy and for the repair of garden ornaments.

£3.01 (inc. VAT)
Milliput Standard 113.4g

For modelling maquettes, modelling military figures, repairing ceramics, repairing wind surf and surf boards, and in fact can be used to repair or modify almost anything.

£3.07 (inc. VAT)
Milliput Terracotta 113.4g

For the restoration of terracotta and other ceramics. Also for the repair of garden urns, pots, Statuettes and damaged brickwork, etc. Also for sculpting and modelling

£3.50 (inc. VAT)