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Epoxy, Methacrylate, P.U. Adhesives

Mouldlife | PS offers a wide range of high-performance industrial adhesives suited to a variety of applications. Our range covers primarily EpoxyStructural Acrylic/Methacrylate and Polyurethane chemistries, each of which offer the option to select a tailored solution for demanding adhesive requirements.

Selection of adhesive type and determining the most appropriate technique for dispensing/applying the adhesive is crucial for successful bonding, and Mouldlife has extensive experience in providing support and advice. To this end, Mouldlife sells adhesives ancillaries such as dispensing guns and static mixing nozzles.

Mouldlife also offers a range of Cyanoacrylate/’Super Glue’-type adhesives in three different viscosities (Thin, Medium and Thick) that are useful for rapid and/or temporary bonding.

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