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Foam Latex & Dipping Latex

Foam latex is a lightweight form of latex that has a foam structure. It's perfect for prosthetics both small and large where weight would pose an issue for any other form of material. We have both our own Creature Foam Latex and Monster Makers Foam Latex and proudly offer the largest stocks of this in Europe.

When painting foam latex, you will need pax-paints which are acrylic paints and incredibly flexible when dry. They can either be applied directly to skin or the foam latex, and upon drying will flex and move without chipping off.

We also offer a range of dipping pre-vulcanised latex for a multitude of moulding applications.

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Monster Makers Foam Latex
From: £38.35
£46.02 inc. VAT
Creature Foam Latex
From: £32.80
£39.36 inc. VAT
Monster Makers RD 407
From: £52.42
£62.90 inc. VAT
Perma Wet 8oz
£20.39 inc. VAT
Liquid Latex
From: £6.00
£7.20 inc. VAT
Monster Makers Pigments
£81.60 inc. VAT