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FS20 User Guide

1. What This Product Is Commonly Used For
2. User Information 
3. Further Help
4. Health & Safety
5. Disclaimer

1. What This Product Is Commonly Used For

FS-20 is a two-part 20 Shore A platinum based silicone usually used to make quick moulds of objects in order to create duplicate casts.  

2. User Information

FS stands for 'Fast Setting' but unlike many fast curing platinum silicones, FS-20 benefits from a longer working time - around 8 minutes at room temperature. Both parts A & B are very fluid, at 3800 cP (it pours like runny honey) and both components are slightly white/translucent in colour so can be pigmented to suit requirements. This is perfect where intricate detail is concerned.

Measuring equal amounts out by weight or volume, the 8-minute pot life (approximately) should be enough to degas and pour into a simple mould, or create a layer if doing a brush-on.  Freshly applied layers will stick to each other, and thickeners will work to increase viscosity if required.

FS-20 is particularly suited to creating appliance flat moulds, as platinum silicone moulds will not cause cure inhibition for appliances and for fast turnarounds.

3. Further Help

For more information contact MOULDLIFE /PS by email at or call +44 (0) 1638 750 679.

4. Health & Safety

When using any products, materials or equipment, you should familiarise yourself with them and take appropriate health and safety measures to protect yourself and others around you from harm. Obtain and consult the relevant MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) from your supplier.


The information presented is supplied in good faith and considered accurate. However, no warranty is expressed or implied.
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