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How To Make a Latex Bald Cap

How to make a liquid latex bald cap

What you will need:

Kryolan Red Head         Liquid Latex            Latex Sponges           Translucent Powder           Powder Puff

Step 1:

Kryolan red heads are produced with an unavoidable seam down the centre – when making your bald caps you can gently file this seam away until smooth. A fine grit sand paper or emery board.

Once you have removed the seam line, draw track lines - hairline, 1st point, 2nd point and a 3rd point, these will help guide you where to begin stippling the latex (hairline). The remaining points are there to guide you away from the hairline – this creates fine edges for application.

Step 2:

Using your sponge, dip into your liquid latex and begin stippling over the red head, starting from the hairline. Stippling provides a thin layer, which dries pretty quickly – you can speed this up by using a hair dryer on a warm setting. You’ll see when the latex begins to dry over the red head as it dries clear! Once you can no longer see the first layer (there may be remaining bubbles, allow these to dry before applying further latex on top) begin your second layer from the hairline.

Once you have two dried layers from the hairline, move to the first point and begin those two layers; drying in between. Repeat for the second and third point. At this point you will have 8 layers of latex.

If you wish for a thicker cap – proceed with further layers.

Step 3:

When you are done with all layers, powder over the red head. Latex will stick to itself!  Then, gently lift a corner from the bottom of the red head – using a soft, generously powdered brush, slowly and gently push this under the latex and lift the remaining cap from the red head – you may need to keep dipping into the translucent powder as you go across the head to make sure, again, all areas of the latex are powdered.


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