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How To Make Silicone Moulds Last Longer

Mouldlife supplies a range of silicone rubbers for a variety of mould-making applications. Materials cast into our rubbers include:

  • Polyurethanes - fast-cast, filled/un-filled, elastomeric/rigid, foamed/un-foamed
  • Epoxy resins - casting, laminating, gel-coats etc.
  • Waxes, plaster and concrete
  • Styrenic resins such as Polyesters

There are multiple reasons for choosing a silicone rubber, but whatever rubber is chosen a key factor is the number of mouldings that can be made from the tool - this is usually termed the "Library Life" or “Mould Life”.

We have developed a user guide on how to make silicone moulds last longer called "Maximising Mould Life of RTV Silicone Rubber" to ensure your RTV silicone moulds last as long as possible. Simply click the link below to open the pdf, which you can print out and keep.  

Download & Print PDF Guide to Silicone Moulds and How To Make Them Last Longer

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