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Industrial Adhesives

Mouldlife | PS offers a wide range of high-performance industrial adhesives suited to a variety of applications. Our range covers primarily EpoxyStructural Acrylic/Methacrylate and Polyurethane chemistries, each of which offer the option to select a tailored solution for demanding adhesive requirements.

Selection of adhesive type and determining the most appropriate technique for dispensing/applying the adhesive is crucial for successful bonding, and Mouldlife | PS has extensive experience in providing support and advice. To this end, Mouldlife | PS sells adhesives ancillaries such as dispensing guns and static mixing nozzles.​​​​​​​

Mouldlife | PS also offers a range of Cyanoacrylate / ’Super Glue’-type adhesives in three different viscosities (Thin, Medium and Thick) that are useful for rapid and/or temporary bonding.

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