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Kensington Gore

The Kensington Gore blood range is a standard choice for professionals and students to get the most realistic blood and gore they are creating. Kensington Gore was designed and manufactured by Mouldlife | PS to flow easily and include a fantastic range of vibrant colour choices. We have developed the most superior range of versatile bloods in the Kensington Gore range like Arterial, Aged, and Venial. We are confident you won't be disappointed! Available in 100gm, 500gm 1kg & 5kg sizes.

The key features of our blood range are:

  • Super smooth glossy texture and finish                                                  
  • Edible
  • Non staining, simply washes off with soap and water 
  • Washes out of fabrics easily
  • Smears well on the skin
  • Intense translucent colours that maintain a visceral quality
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Kensington Blood®
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