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Life-casting is a fantastic way to capture and hold onto the memories of loved ones, whether it be a baby’s foot or hand. If you’re more advanced and life casting someone’s torso or face, we have all the products as well as the technical advice you’ll need for this process. With an option of speeds of alginates to life-casting silicones such as Life-form and Go-cast to consumables including plaster bandagemixing bowls and gloves, we offer a one-stop shop for your life casting experience.


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Life form® Life Casting Silicone
From: £40.99
£49.19 inc. VAT
£7.08 inc. VAT
Go Cast Life Casting Silicone
From: £35.00
£42.00 inc. VAT
Herculite 2
From: £5.50
£6.60 inc. VAT
From: £6.00
£7.20 inc. VAT
Mixing Cups
£6.05 inc. VAT
Modroc Plaster Bandage
From: £8.00
£9.60 inc. VAT
Vinyl Gloves
£13.46 inc. VAT
Personal Protective PPE - Coverall
£6.00 inc. VAT
Wooden Tongue Depressors Pack 100x
From: £2.50
£3.00 inc. VAT
Flexible Mixing Bowl
£3.18 inc. VAT
£96.00 inc. VAT
Laminating Brush
£0.60 inc. VAT
Mono Cups
£0.18 inc. VAT
Latex Gloves
£9.48 inc. VAT
Nitrile Gloves
£14.58 inc. VAT
Surface Breaker
From: £5.83
£7.00 inc. VAT
Fine Casting Plaster
From: £3.75
£4.50 inc. VAT