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Makeup & Theatrical Blood

When you think blood and gore, you must be thinking Kensington Gore blood from Mouldlife | PS. With three variations (Arterial, Venial and Aged), these bloods with their strong fresh colours are exactly what you need to create that lifelike blood and gore feel. Professionally used and recognised as the standard of high quality, they are mouth safe (although we advise not to swallow it) and easily wash off your skin. We also stock drying bloods, like the Fleet Street range from PPI for a slightly older aged blood scene.

We also offer some of the bestselling makeup brands available in the market for your makeup kits. Names such as PPI and their wide range of Skin Illustrator colours and additional must-haves like Green Marble and Blue Marble are all in this section and a must have for any professional or aspiring MUA. Alongside the PPI range are names such as Kryolan and Maqpro with strong foundation colours and fantastic palettes that last well and give you so much when needing certain looks.

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Kensington Blood®
From: £7.50
P.T.M. Blood
Sculpt Gel
From: £19.50
Sculpt Gel Refill Pots
From: £6.84
Acryl Stains
Life Wipe
From: £11.00
Tattoo Paper
Super Baldiez ®
From: £7.15
From: £5.00
Baldiez Beads
From: £15.50
Mouldlife Pigment Packs
From: £31.95
From: £14.00
Blue Marble Spray
From: £12.00
Green Marble Concentrate
From: £15.50
Green Marble Spray
From: £9.50
Atta Gel
Dirt Works
From: £7.50
Dirt Works Grime Liquid
From: £12.00
Skin Illustrator Liquids
From: £22.00
Telesis 8 Adhesive
From: £18.19
Telesis 8 Thinner
From: £17.50
Telesis Iso Gel
From: £5.90
Telesis Remover
From: £14.70
Telesis Super Solv
From: £3.50
Telesis Beta Bond Plus
From: £7.10
Telesis Beta Bond
From: £7.10
PPI Matte Spirit Gum
From: £10.60
From: £3.00
Dry 2oz
Liquid Latex
From: £6.00
Parsian Spirit
From: £7.50
Stipple Sponge
From: £1.50
Telesis Beta Solv
From: £8.00
Telesis Brisk
Kryolan Fixing Spray
From: £12.50
PPI HD Matting Spray
From: £11.50