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Makeup Palettes

Anyone entering or already in the SFX industry will have many make up palettes in their kit bags, as they offer lots of options for the artist when applying makeup. With the acquisition of PS Composites, Mouldlife | PS are now the main distributors of PPI and their market leading Skin Illustrator Alcohol palettes in the UK and Europe. We also offer the Kryolan range with great foundation palettes and Maqpro which are also foundation palettes that are another essential piece of kit an artist will need.

When using alcohol palettes care must be taken if you’re not familiar with them. You have two options available, you can either use a brush and apply with activator or dissolve the makeup with activator (alcohol based) and pour it into an air gun and carefully apply. Although this is an option, we do recommend you use the Skin Illustrator concentrate for this process. If you use a brush, then we recommend using Bdellium brushes which are industry standard and include spittle as well as fine detail brushes. Finally, caution must be taken when you are removing it as it is tough wearing and will require further IPA or activator to clean off so be mindful of sensitive skin.

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