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Methacrylate Adhesives

Methacrylate adhesives (structural acrylics) chemistry offers fast-curing, high-strength robust adhesive bonds that are tolerant of minimal surface preparation. Substrates that can be successfully bonded by Methacrylate adhesives include most metals, thermosetting composites and many thermoplastics. 

Mouldlife | PS supplies the globally recognised Araldite® range of Methacrylate adhesives with a legacy that is unparalleled in their field. Araldite® Methacrylate adhesives provide exceptional bonding solutions for the most demanding applications, including those in the aerospace, marine, automotive, power-generation, prototyping, modelling and model-making industries.

Mouldlife also supplies Crestabond®, the toughened Methacrylate adhesive range manufactured by Scott Bader. This hybrid product offers benefits over traditional Methacrylates whilst still offering rapid cure, high-strength bonds with minimal surface preparation.

Selection of adhesive type and determining the most appropriate technique for dispensing/applying the adhesive is crucial for successful bonding, and Mouldlife has extensive experience in providing support and advice. To this end, Mouldlife sells adhesives ancillaries such as dispensing guns and static mixing nozzles.

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