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Monster Clay User Guide

1. What This Product Is Commonly Used For
2. How to Use Monster Clay
3. Further Help
4. Health & Safety
5. Disclaimer

1. What This Product Is Commonly Used For

Monster Clay® is a wax-based sculpting compound sold in 5lb tubs (approx. 2.2 Kg) which doesn't dry out or shrink, making it ideal for sculpting a variety of things such as prosthetics and maquettes. It is particularly suited to be melted and liquefies once heated to be poured/swilled into moulds such as lifecasts to make sculptable positives which can be modified further, and can be remelted and reused.


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2. How to Use Monster Clay

Monster Clay® is available in three grades of firmness: 'Soft, 'Medium' and 'Hard'. As it is wax-based, it will temporarily soften with heat and will return to its original firmness when cool.

Melting Monster Clay

Monster Clay® conveniently comes packaged in a container which can be microwaved, allowing for easy heating and remelting whenever you need it. It is sulphur-free so is safe to use in conjunction with platinum silicones.

Why Monster Clay Soft, Medium and Hard?

Most people opt for the 'Medium' as a general-purpose grade. Why are there soft and hard versions I hear you ask...? Well, if the ambient temperature of where you are working is particularly cool, then 'Soft' may be a sensible choice, as a harder firmness may be difficult to manipulate in that temperature. Likewise, should you be in a very warm climate, then the 'Hard' may be better as it wouldn't soften too much in the heat. A hairdryer can be used to temporarily soften the plasteline, and 'plumbers freeze spray' can likewise be used to quickly chill and harden it if needed.

Sculpting appliances on lifecasts and cores is typically done by building up small blobs of plasteline on the surface and blending them together to create the necessary form bit by bit. Another way you can do this is by melting the Monster Clay® until it becomes molten and brushing this liquid onto the core to quickly establish a base layer, onto which the remaining sculpt can be built.

Once cooled, the surface can be carved to capture great details, smoothed gradually using coarse sponges or brushes, and slicked down with either solvents such as Naphtha or even talc, allowing polish to a high shine. It comes as red/brown colour in all softness’s and also recently as a Gray in Medium softness.

Each tub of Monster Clay® Premium is individually packaged in a convenient, reusable oven-safe container. Best of all, Monster Clay® has a lower density than the average oil-based clays. This means that you receive approximately 25% more clay per pound without the added cost.

TIP: I like to pour the molten plasteline into flexible ice cube trays. When it cools, you can pop out the smaller pieces as you need them in the future. Make sure you pour the molten plasteline over a clean work surface so any accidental spills can be scraped up and reused once cool and solidified.

Monster Clay® vs Super Sculpey®

Whilst both Monster Clay® and Super Sculpey® are 'sculpting mediums', they have some key differences which make them suited to different things. Let's take a look at the key differences and which you would consider for the task you require.

Monster Clay® is a wax-based plastiline. It remains soft enough to be constantly remodelled and changed, and can be remelted and reused. It is not intended to make permanent items for display - rather used as a temporary material which can then be moulded and cast in something more durable later.

Super Sculpey® is a ' polymer clay' which can be modelled and shaped like plastiline, but the key difference is by placing in heat such as an oven, it can be solidified or 'cured' to a hard, durable finish. It can then be sanded, painted and finished like a rigid cast item but without the need for making a mould of it.

It is ideal for one-off maquettes or designs. Unlike Monster Clay®, it cannot be reconstituted and reused however, and isn't advisable for sculpting appliances which require a smooth blended edge.

Monster Clay Price 

We offer Monster Clay and Monster Clay Medium Gray - check the product pages below for the latest prices to the UK. We also delivery internationally. Please email us with your order.

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3. Further Help

For more information contact MOULDLIFE /PS by email at or call +44 (0) 1638 750 679.

4. Health & Safety

When using any products, materials or equipment, you should familiarise yourself with them and take appropriate health and safety measures to protect yourself and others around you from harm. Obtain and consult the relevant MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) from your supplier. Once melted, Monster Clay® becomes liquid so take sensible precautions to avoid injury, use personal protection equipment and correct workwear to minimise risk.


The information presented is supplied in good faith and considered accurate. However, no warranty is expressed or implied.


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Monster Clay

Monster Makers Monster Clay is an oil/wax based medium which melts easily to a pourable consistency and is great for making copies of life casts where changes are needed.

£31.80 (inc. VAT)