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Moulding & Casting

With a vast and unrivalled array in the UK of mould-making RTV Silicones and Polyurethanes, Mouldlife | PS are proud to offer you the best and most suitable moulding medium for your requirements. With official UK distribution from manufacturers such as Polytek, Elkem and Dow Corning silicones, you’ll find everything you want on our website.

What is moulding or mould making? Quite simply put, it's a way of recreating something in a negative (or reverse) in a silicone / polyurethane or plaster which you would turn over once fully cured and be ready to cast from. Following on from moulding is the casting process, whereby you would pour a liquid into the mould. Once this thoroughly mixed, you would then chemically cure - also known as (harden) - allowing you to take it out when the chemical curing has finished. This results in a replication of what you wanted to reproduce.

We also have a fantastic portfolio of casting materials, from Fast cast resins to filled casting systems and even casting plasters. We are also the largest stockists of leading brands and manufacturers such as Huntsman Advanced materials, Polytek’s Easy Flo range and many more - all under one roof!

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Transil 20 Silicone
From: £23.95
RenCast FC54
From: £12.40
RenCast FC 52
From: £12.00
4.5mm Choppies
From: £6.00
F40 Fast cast
From: £13.13
Mirror Glaze
Polyester Catalyst
From: £5.00
ProCell RF17 ®
From: £20.30
ProCell S3 Foam®
From: £22.30
ProCell S4 Foam ®
From: £22.50
ProCell S5 Foam ®
From: £22.50
ProFlex 30
From: £21.00
ProFlex 40
From: £21.00
RenCast FC 53
From: £12.00
From: £42.50
Transil 40-1 Silicone
From: £22.19
Transil 45 Silicone
From: £23.50