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Mouth FX

Mouth FX

Mouth FX

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Mouth FX is a temporary oral colouration system designed to safely and effectively cooler the inside of the mouth. Mouth FX contains a sweet vanilla-mint flavour that is made entirely of FDA food grade ingredients and each colour is vegan, gluten-free, peanut-free, sugar-free and cruelty-free. Mouth FX comes in five different colours – available individually or together in one kit (Includes carrying case and carabiner clip)

MOUTH FX KIT 1: Yuck Yellow, Blood Red , Feeling Blue, Down Brown & Pitch Black. (Includes carrying case and carabiner clip).

*MOUTH FX KIT 2: Mean Green, Rust Orange, Sludge Black, Violent Violet, Turning Yellow.  (Includes carrying case and carabiner clip).

Pitch Black is the darkest colour of Mouth FX. It is great for blacking out mouths and adding very dramatic dark pigment. May be combined with other colours to make other shades and colours.

Down Brown is a very grotesque shade of brown, ideal for zombies, pirates, or any character down on their luck. May be combined with other colours to make other shades and colours.

Feeling Blue is ideal for aliens, mutants, and frozen effects. Can be combined with other colours to make other shades and colors such as Blood Red to make a disturbing purple colour, or Yuck Yellow to create a nasty Green.

Blood Red is ideal for blood effects in and near the mouth. May be combined with other colours to make other shades and colours.

Yuck Yellow is a gruesome yellow with a touch of brown. It can be thinned down to create realistic discoloration of the teeth and gums or used in concentration to create a very bold diseased look. May be combined with other colors to make other shades and colors.

APPLICATION:  Methods may vary depending on the desired effect.  For full-mouth coverage add 3-4 drops on the tongue and swish around the mouth.  Mouth FX may also be applied directly to the desired location with a cotton swab or brush.  This method is especially effective for use on the lips.  Mouth FXcolors can be mixed to create a large variety of different colors.  Mouth FX can be diluted with water for more subtle coverage or used in conjunctions with Fleet Street Pegworks Tooth Lacquers or dental appliance for more dramatic effects.  

REMOVAL:  To remove Mouth FX from the mouth, simply brush your teen with toothpaste and rinse with water.  Repeat if necessary.  To remove Mouth FX from the skin, wash with soap and water or shaving cream.  Repeat if necessary.

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