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Pigment & Painting

Mouldlife | PS supply concentrated reactive dyes, such as PolyColor from Polytek, for colouring polyurethanes with strong colours. Our range also includes coloured pigments and paints for adding into your silicone and polyurethane systems. Please note that our pigments and paints are very strong so use sparingly as a little goes a long way. We also offer Pro Chrome for chrome finishes and Ureflex for a flexible paint system with polyurethanes.
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Polyurethane Pigments
From: £8.00
£9.60 inc. VAT
Silicone Pigments
From: £8.00
£9.60 inc. VAT
£62.18 inc. VAT
Mouldlife Pigment Packs
From: £39.50
£47.40 inc. VAT
From: £20.00
£24.00 inc. VAT
140GM KIT (out of stock)
280GM KIT (out of stock)
700GM KIT (out of stock)
1.4KG KIT (out of stock)
Pro Chrome
From: £15.00
£18.00 inc. VAT