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PlatSil® rubbers are platinum-cured (also known as addition-cure), room temperature-curing silicones that are used to make flexible, high-strength moulds and parts. These moulds are often selected over other mould materials (e.g., polyurethane rubbers) because of their excellent release properties. They also exhibit long library life and low shrinkage on cure compared to other mould material options.

In the PlatSil range we offer PlatSil Gel 10 which has been used in Game of Thrones, Pinocchio and many of the latest blockbuster films where SFX prosthetics are required. In another market we offer the FS20 which is a fast curing 1-1 mix ratio, addition cure system which is ideal for a variety of industries where high tear strength, fast curing and low shrinkage is required.

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