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Polyurethane Casting Resin

Mouldlife’s range of Polyurethane casting resins has been carefully selected to provide our customers with the widest possible range of material options for a variety of projects, such as decorative objects, sculptural reproductions, production parts, tools and models. Our range includes both filled and unfilled variants, as well as more resilient materials for applications where traditional fast-cast resins may prove to be too brittle.

In particular, Mouldlife supplies the Polytek® range of EasyFlo resins and the Huntsman Advanced Materials range of RenCast® resins, both of which have a long track-record of excellence in this field.

Our product line is complemented by our extensive range of additives including extending fillerspigments and mould release agents.

For making your moulds, Mouldlife’s Polyurethane Systems have been tried and tested over many years with a wide variety of silicone mould-making and composite tooling systems.

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FC 60 Fast Cast
From: £24.23
£29.08 inc. VAT
RenCast FC 52
£42.36 inc. VAT
FC 120 Fast Cast
From: £24.23
£29.08 inc. VAT
EasyFlo Clear
From: £28.00
£33.60 inc. VAT
RenCast FC54
From: £12.40
£14.88 inc. VAT
EasyFlo 120
From: £26.60
£31.92 inc. VAT
EasyFlo 60
From: £26.60
£31.92 inc. VAT
EasyFlo Spray FR
From: £127.96
£153.55 inc. VAT
RenCast FC 53
From: £17.00
£20.40 inc. VAT
EasyFlo 100 FR
From: £116.80
£140.16 inc. VAT