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Castable Polyurethane Elastomers

ProFlex 40

ProFlex 40

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Pro Flex 40 Liquid Rubber is a flexible 40 shore A, fast-curing rubber, which has been developed specifically for prototyping and model making applications. It is excellent for casting decorative objects, production parts, tools, models, patterns, duplicate masters and more. With the addition of Poly Colour Dyes, Pro Flex 40 can be used to cast parts of any colour.

Mould preparation

Pro Flex 40 reproduce minute details from moulds or patterns, but may stick or foam when poured on improperly prepared surfaces. To avoid damaging a valuable mould, perform a trial casting on a similar surface. Polyethylene and platinum silicone rubber (i.e., Platsil®) moulds do not require release agents. Latex, polyurethane rubber or metal moulds must be dry and coated with a suitable release agent, such as Spray Wax or Release Extra 


Prior to mixing, be sure that all moulds, equipment and Pro Flex liquids are ready at room temperature (i.e., >23°C).

Shake or stir Parts A and B if directed by product label. Over time, sediment may accumulate on the container bottom of Pro Flex 40

Part B. Normally, gentle mixing is all that is required to disperse the sediment. Use metal or plastic mixing vessels and spatulas to avoid introducing moisture (i.e., with paper or wood tools). Measure or weigh Parts A and B into a mixing container, such as a polyethylene pail. Mix immediately, thoroughly scraping sides and bottom for one minute. Pour mix into cavity as quickly as possible. Once the containers of Parts A and B are opened, they should be used or resealed tightly since atmospheric moisture contamination may cause foaming. Poly Purge™, a dry-gas product, can be sprayed into opened containers to displace moist air before resealing containers to extend shelf life. 

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