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Prosthetic Adhesive & Removers

We pride ourselves in being able to offer the exact silicone or water based adhesive you need for any type of silicone or foam latex appliance. If you're unsure of which one to use, we will do our best to advise but over time personal preference will always lead the way. There are two main types of adhesive, a water based acrylic and silicone adhesives - they both work better with certain materials.

Water based acrylics like Pros-Aide and Aqua-Fix are ideal for foam latex, latex and gelatine whereas silicone adhesives are good with silicone prosthetics like Telesis 8, Telesis 5 and Snappy G. We would not advise using cheaper brands as you're applying products to the skin and lesser known brands might not be as safe. With the silicone adhesives you also are able to purchase the thinners for them like Snappy T and Telesis 8 modifier as they are quite thick and by adding a thinner allows you to apply more smoothly.

Removers are exactly what they say, they are used when wishing to take off a prosthetic piece that has been stuck on one of the adhesives above. Most of the time it comes down to personal preference, but some great removers and market leading ones are Cosmetic Tonic, Telesis Remover, Super-Solv, and Proclean. All of these brands will be found in a makeup artists kit bag.

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Snappy G II Adhesive ®
From: £17.98
£21.58 inc. VAT
Pros Aide
From: £8.76
£10.51 inc. VAT
From: £6.70
£8.04 inc. VAT
PPI Matte Spirit Gum
From: £10.60
£12.72 inc. VAT
Grimex Cleaning Wipes
£8.58 inc. VAT
AquaFix Cream
From: £10.50
£12.60 inc. VAT
From: £11.00
£13.20 inc. VAT
Pros Aide Cream
From: £14.62
£17.54 inc. VAT
Snappy T Thinners  ®
From: £13.30
£15.96 inc. VAT
Telesis Super Solv
From: £3.50
£4.20 inc. VAT
Pros Aide No Tack
From: £11.16
£13.39 inc. VAT
Pros Aide II
From: £9.19
£11.03 inc. VAT
Kryolan Hydro Mastix Spirit Gum 12ml
£5.88 inc. VAT
Life Wipe
£7.50 inc. VAT
Maqpro Biological cleaner
From: £8.40
£10.08 inc. VAT
Parian Spirit
From: £7.50
£9.00 inc. VAT
PPI Silicone Adhesive 1oz
£42.00 inc. VAT
Telesis 8 Adhesive
From: £18.19
£21.83 inc. VAT
Telesis 8 FAST Adhesive
From: £28.00
£33.60 inc. VAT
Telesis 8 Matte Lace Adhesive
£62.40 inc. VAT
Telesis 8 Thinner
From: £20.80
£24.96 inc. VAT
Telesis Beta Bond
From: £7.10
£8.52 inc. VAT
Telesis Beta Bond Plus
From: £7.10
£8.52 inc. VAT
Telesis Ez-Off
From: £4.00
£4.80 inc. VAT
Telesis Remover
From: £14.70
£17.64 inc. VAT
Telesis Top Guard
From: £6.10
£7.32 inc. VAT