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PS Composites

PS Composites was founded in 2011 and situated just outside the famous Pinewood film studios when they started out. 

With a clear direction in not only holding some of the best ranges, they also created some incredible market leading brands such as Pro-Gel 10 , Pro-Gel SoftenerGo-Cast and many more.

Today with the acquisition of PS Composites by the Gazechim Group we still hold their core materials on our website.

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From: £56.00
£67.20 inc. VAT
6417 Translucent Silicone
From: £18.10
£21.72 inc. VAT
Ad-260 Silicone
From: £46.20
£55.44 inc. VAT
Ad-Sil 20 Silicone Rubber
From: £42.12
£50.54 inc. VAT
From: £14.00
£16.80 inc. VAT
Go Cast Life Casting Silicone

Life Casting silicone developed for capturing impressions.

From: £35.00
£42.00 inc. VAT
Pro-Gel 10 Silicone
From: £25.57
£30.68 inc. VAT
Pro-gel Softener
From: £15.75
£18.90 inc. VAT
PS28 Silicone
From: £21.00
£25.20 inc. VAT
From: £36.00
£43.20 inc. VAT
Snap-Sil Silicone
From: £42.50
£51.00 inc. VAT
T4 Silicone
From: £26.12
£31.34 inc. VAT