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With films such as The Revenant and many other blockbusters having used this range from Mouldlife | PS, we are very proud to be the official UK distributor of P.T.M. (Prosthetic Transfer Material).

P.T.M. lets you create the highest quality Prosthetic Transfers (Bondo Transfers, Pro-Bondo Transfers, Pros-Aide Transfers). Our transfer material was specially formulated by Christien Tinsley, the original creator of the innovative process, for the sole purpose of providing you with the best material around.

The purpose behind creating P.T.M. was to provide artists like yourself with a convenient alternative to self-mixing or purchasing marked up pre-made appliances. Now you can make you own Prosthetic Transfer appliances at a reasonable price and without the added stress of mixing your own material.

P.T.M. is available in 2 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz, and 8 lbs containers. Tones Available: Clear (transparent), Pink 5, Light Flesh, Dark Flesh, Olive, Dead Flesh.

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