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PTM.™ (Prosthetic Transfer Material)

PTM.™ (Prosthetic Transfer Material)


P.T.M. allows you to create the highest quality Prosthetic Transfers (Bondo Transfers, Pro-Bondo Transfers, Pros-Aide Transfers) at a reasonable price and without the added stress of mixing your own material.

The Colours:
The standard colour used on most productions in need of Prosthetic Transfers. It provides a realistic under glow for any skin tone and makeups being applied over the top.
The Clear tone or “Option tone” as we they like to call it, will give you just that...options. Mix with other tones to lower the opacity, increase
transparency, or create your own tone.
The Olive tone was developed to blend with various types of warm skin tones. Green and yellow undertones make this tone ideal for skin with a natural tan look.
Light Flesh provides a unique tone that blends with most fair skin tones during application. Compared to Pink 5, Light Flesh is less pink and more natural in colour.
The Dark Flesh tone will complement darker skin tones better than the
other tones by minimizing the makeup or time needed for blending.
Need a heard of zombies before dawn? The Dead Flesh tone can help
with that. It may actually be the closest thing to actual rotten flesh as
you’re going to want or need. You’ll easily have zombies up and running in no time!


P.T.M.™ was specially formulated by Christien Tinsley, the original creator of the innovative process, for the sole purpose of providing you with the best product possible.

See link for instructions on how to use - https://www.prosthetictransfermaterial.com/content/Complete%20Instructions.pdf

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