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SFX Sculpting Tools & Modeling Clay

Discover a wide selection of sculpting tools and clays to begin your sculpting journey. We offer a great range of Kens sculpting tools which are handmade and a must-have for every professionals' kit. There are some very well-known tools in the range like WT1, WT2 which are for creating wrinkles and Itty Bitty, PT1 and PT2 which are pour tools for adding textures.

Alongside our sculpting tools we also offer sculpting clays, with buff clays for large sculpting (not sulphur-free) which are fine with condensation cure silicones. As the largest UK distributor for Chavant, we stock their market leading brands including NSP and Le Beau Touche which comes in both terracotta and green and an option of hardness. These clays are non-drying oil based modelling clay with a low melt temperature and a low tack feel that will not stick to tools or fingers. Sulphur-free clays are also used when you want to directly mould from them - for instance, if you are sculpting scars, cuts, etc. And if you want to make a flat plate mould that you can turn into a prosthetic piece, you would use a sulphur-free clay and mould them using an addition cure silicone. We also offer the Monster Makers range of clays and Plasteline.

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