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Thixotropic Catalyst

Thixotropic Catalyst

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Mouldlife's Thixo is a specially formulated thixotroping agent, for use with TINSIL and SUPERSIL Silicone Mould Making Rubbers.

It has been designed to produce an attractive butter-on consistency within seconds of addition to the catalyzed or unanalyzed liquid rubber.

Key Features

  • Easy addition level
  • Rapid development of thixotropy
  • Suitable for vertical applications within minutes

How to use

The following examples are typical for all the TINSIL 70 series:

Conventional Pot-life and Cure Cycle

Base B 100 parts by weight

Cat A 10 parts by weight

Thixo up to 2 parts by weight

Order of Addition

It is not important, however, the order of addition shown is recommended because it allows the catalyst to be fully dispersed in the liquid rubber before thixotrope is generated.

The Thixo added up to a maximum of 5% on the rubber generates thixotropy within 2 minutes however a softer thixotropy can be achieved by adding less.


Catalyze the rubber in the normal way by adding 10 parts by weight of CAT to 100 parts by weight of BASE and mix quickly with minimum aeration until uniformly blue. Add the desired amount of Thixo and mix immediately into the catalyzed rubber.

If necessary the catalyzed rubber may be degassed by intermittent evacuation prior to addition of the thixotroping agent. Leave to relax for a few minutes and then test, before use, on a vertical piece of cardboard or similar substrate to ensure adequate thixotropy has been achieved.

The thixotropic, catalyzed rubber may be applied by normal brush or butter-on techniques for a period of up to 60 minutes or longer with certain rubbers.

(Note: the actual working time depends on the ambient temperature, humidity and the catalyst)

Fast Cure and Rapid Demoulding

Reverse the order of addition described above, adding Fast Cat after thoroughly mixing Thixo into the rubber base. Because of the much faster rate of cure, the working-or pot-life of this system is much shorter. A typical application is approximately 15 minutes and demoulding time can be as short as 2 hours and is seldom greater than 4 (all times depending on ambient temperature and humidity).

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