Who we are

Mouldlife are leading suppliers of materials for a wide range of applications, including the Advanced Materials, Special FX & Modelmaking, and Tooling Industries. With powerful distribution partnerships including Polytek, Hexcel, Gurit and OBO, we continue to develop our portfolio of products to meet the high expectations of our customers in quality and performance.
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Special Effects

Mouldlife has a long history of supply of materials into this most demanding and exciting of the creative industries - our introduction of the PlatSil Gel range of prosthetic materials in particular has revolutionised the way that SFX technicians work.

Over the years, Mouldlife has added steadily to our portfolio, and we nowoffer a comprehensive range of prosthetic materials, life-casting systems, casting resin and foams, skin-adhesives and cleaners, fake bloods and make-up.

Examples of industry

Prosthetic Make-up for Film, TV and Theatre

The Film & TV industry has used Mouldlife's range of materials extensively to produce prosthetics devices used in some of the most loved film franchises of recent years. The materials that we supply to this industry include the PlatSil® Gel range of silicone RTVs along with their deadening and hardening additives, the Snappy G® and Aquafix™ skin-safe prosthetic adhesives, the SculptGel™ direct-to-skin sculpting system, Baldiez® and Super Baldiez® encapsulating films and Monster Maker Clays and foam Latex materials. Once the prosthetic is securely in place, we offer our industry leading Kensington Gore® range of artificial bloods, a wide choice of make-up pallettes and the PTM supplied 'bondo' materials. 


Mouldlife offers a wide range of life-casting materials; our LifeForm® and LifeForm FaceCoat® systems are the industries leading products in life-casting silicones. Alongside these core products are our well regarded FX3 and FX9 Alginates for those working to a tight budget. Ancillary products for life-casting include our ModRoc plaster bandages and casting plasters. 

Props, Scenery & Construction

Film and TV production companies have been using Mouldlife's modelling and mould-making materials, such as our Transil™ and SuperSil™ RTV silicone rubbers, our Polyurethane rubbers and resins, our ProCell® rigid and flexible foams, and our SMARTBoard™ foam boards for many years to produce a huge variety of props and scenery items. 


Mouldlife supply a wide range of materials suited for creating animatronic models - our Platsil® Gel products simulate skin, and our range of polyurethane resins and rubbers are an excellent choice for a variety of moulding and casting applications.